Read some of the research that has informed the Reinventing Metro plan:

UC Economics Center: Economic Analysis of Reinventing Metro: The University of Cincinnati Economics Center studied route improvements, expanded service and the economic impact of operations and capital improvements to provide an update to peer city analysis. (11.13.2018)

AECOM: Reinventing Metro: The Connected Region: AECOM was tasked with analyzing the Reinventing Metro Process, Regional Bus Network, Fare Policy, and Revenue Allocation, Access Service, and Economic Impacts. (11.13.2018)

• EY Business Assessment: A third-party, comprehensive financial assessment commissioned by the Transportation Business Coalition, a partnership of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, the Cincinnati Business Committee, and the Cincinnati Regional Business Committee at the request of SORTA. 

• UC Economics Center Study: A study that ranked us #1 in efficiency among our peer transportation cities.

• The Community Impact and Related Benefits of Metro: A 2015 study by the UC Economics Center that evaluated Metro's effect on the local economy.

• Reinventing Metro Development Study: In early 2017, we received a report from consultant AECOM, illustrating options for improving our system if additional funding were available for services in Hamilton County.

• METRO Futures Task Force: The task force concluded that SORTA's funding was unsustainable.

• March 2016 Public Opinion Survey: Conducted from Feb. 8-11, 2016, by Fallon Research & Communications, Inc. with responses from 404 Hamilton County residents. The survey found that 92% believe transit supports the economy and quality of life; 79% see benefits in expanded transit.

• UC Economics Center: Economic Analysis of Reinventing Metro (11.7.2018)

• AECOM Reinventing Metro: The Connected Region (11.7.2018)