The Plan

Reinventing Metro Conceptual Plan:
An opportunity to bring real, transformational change to our region.

The Reinventing Metro plan outlines concepts for transit improvements that are possible with new sales tax funding. The objectives of the plan are financial sustainability, more frequent service, longer hours of operation and shorter trip times.

SORTA is gathering valuable input as the organization decides whether to pursue a Hamilton County sales tax levy for the November 2018 ballot. SORTA has analyzed improvements possible at the .5%, .6%, .7%, .8%, .9% and 1.0% levels.

For the sake of discussion, .5%, .7% and .9% represent three different approaches:
.5% = Sustainable service at current levels
.7% = Major improvements throughout Cincinnati and Hamilton County
.9% = A transformed transit system including Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

SORTA will continue to explore these and other funding options, in cooperation with the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The presentation from our recent community listening sessions can be viewed in both video and PDF format.

Bus Rapid Transit:

The Reinventing Metro plan could also include a new and exciting travel option for the Cincinnati region - Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). BRT provides faster service than local or express routes and will transform our region and the way people get around. Learn more about BRT's amenities, benefits and advantages.


Take a look at how less waiting, extended hours, and a shorter trip time can affect the region and what these benefits may mean to someone you know.